Sweet Sugar Skull Temporary Tattoos


I’m kicking myself right now! I made this awesome set of sugar skull temporary tattoos for Holly earlier this year. It was a quickie 12 tattoo order, but I loved the design so much, I took a photo. As it happens, life gets in the way, and I forgot to post it right away. Now, I can’t find Holly’s last name to contact her! Holly, if you’re out there, I love your artwork!!!

Mad Science Halloween Party Favors – Brain Buttons Pins


We just finished making this brainy set of buttons for Mad Science Halloween party favors. The brain is a Buttonhead original design, made about 3 years ago for a tattoo set. We’ve made brain buttons and temporary tattoos too. I have to admit, the tats look particular cool.

Last year, we also made these ‘I Heart Science’ mad science birthday party favors. I think this design would make a perfect pair for Halloween too!

I Save Spiders Pins by Water Street Design


Are you a friend of spiders? I sure am! This adorable spidey illustration was created by Kim at Water Street Design, and I am so totally on board with the cause. We can all show some support for our 8-legged buddies by rescuing a spider AND picking up this happy little pin on Etsy!

By the way, Kim also has a truly “smile-ful” collection of greeting cards, notebooks, stickers, mugs, and other goodies. If you love cute artwork with a funny twist, definitely check out the rest of the Water Street Design shop too. Hey, if a delightful drawing of a unicorn wearing sunglasses and pants doesn’t make you smile, I just don’t know what would…

October 2016 Freebie Button

October 2016 Freebie Pin

This pin ships FREE with every order all month long. It’s just our way of saying thank you for your support!

A note about the design: Since I drew and colored 5 all-new sugar skull temporary tattoos designs for Halloween this year, I thought I’d include my very favorite one as a gift to my awesome clients all month long!

Promotional Etsy Shop Pins for Squirrel Away Vintage


Around here, we’re lovers of all things vintage. Furniture, toys, kitchenware, clothes and books are our absolute favorites! So, when Kimberly asked me to create a set of promotional Etsy shop pins for her web antique store, I was more than happy to oblige! If you are like us and always on the hunt for unique antiques, check out Squirrel Away Vintage on Etsy. She has a really nice selection of collectibles, great feedback… and a really cute logo! 🙂