Santa’s Helper Pins


I just had to snap a photo of these Santa’s Helper pins we made for Kim last week. The design is a twist on my ugly sweater button set, and I think it turned out really well. Lots of holiday spirit packed into one little button!

These Santa’s Helper pins will be passed out to Kim’s co-workers who donate to their company’s holiday fundraiser for kids. Very merry!

Art Club Booster Pins


The Art Crew ROCKS!

This awesome artwork was created by Carole Anne’s son for his 5th grade art club! He made the colorful artist palette design, while Carole Anne and I worked together to create the buttons. He’s planning to surprise the members of the Art Crew with these pins as a booster for their after school club! Very cool — and very creative!

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Pins


I’m a huge, huge fan of the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation movie!!! It’s definitely my favorite holiday film, and I know I’m not alone! I received a request last year to make a set of custom pins featuring this famous line from the script, which was exclaimed by Clark Griswold during his total holiday meltdown. I worked a bit of Photoshop magic to cover up the expletive… but I think you get the idea. 😉

Tax Deductible Expenses For Your Biz

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Here’s wishing you much success and growth this year and beyond!

The Pirate Cupcake


If you’re in the Hunterdon, Warren County, or Eastern PA area, look up our friends at The Pirate cupcake and grab yourself a delicious cupcake! The company uses fresh, local ingredients that are vegan and allergy friendly. I made these stickers for them a few months ago, and I’ve been thinking about cupcakes ever since!

Now is the time to pick up some sweets for your Christmas parties, and they’ve got an awesome holiday menu including ‘Peppermint Cream Chocolate’, ‘Cinnamon Gingerbread’, ‘Cranberry White Chocolate’ and more. If you’re short on time, why not schedule a delivery? Or if you’re on the go, look for “Clyde” the cupcake truck! Tell ’em Buttonhead sent you.

Wedding Logo Pins and Temporary Tattoos

I love sassy couples who aren’t afraid to put their own unique style and personality into their big day! These wedding logo pins and temporary tattoos were specially made for Monica and Fred using their caricature art and our anchor tattoo design. The blue and red colors really stood out, so these were a fun set to make – and I’m sure, they were a fun set to wear too!