Hate Has No Home Here Buttons Pins

Thumbs up for this message of positivity and love! Sherry approached me with the idea of making a set of ‘Hate Has No Home Here’ buttons pins as a tribute to the popular political movement. The campaign, which promotes peace and inclusion, started (as many great things do!) as a grassroots idea that has grown significantly. Today it has spread into many cities nationwide, and I’m so happy to have contributed in a small way. Be on the lookout for these pins on Sherry’s website at SherryTruitt.com!

Dog Love Magnets Made Custom

Let’s spread some dog love in here! These magnets were custom made for Hilary’s wonderful (and adorable!) brand, Dog Love. The business was founded in honor of her rescue pup and a portion of all sales are donated to charity. It just doesn’t get better than that, folks! If you have a spare moment, be sure to check out the shop, pick up a tee or tote, and most importantly, hug a pup today!!!

February 2017 Freebie Button

This pin ships FREE with every order all month long. It’s just our way of saying thank you for your support!

A note about the design: We’ve been making buttons since 2007, and I’m pretty sure we’ve never made a donut! What’s up with that?! This month’s freebie pin is dedicated to Joel (Buttonhead husband and production manager), who tried arguing that donuts can be classified as bread. Uhm. Sorry. Don’t think so! But they are delicious and round, which classifies them as button-worthy! 😛

It’s Not All Bad Kitty Mirrors for Gabriela

OMG. How irresistibly cute are these “It’s Not All Bad” kitty mirrors?! We made these last year for Gabriela, and I’m still in love with the design. It’s adorable AND motivational. Call me partial, but I think these are purrfect! 😛

Carpe Diem Reminder Pins

I love these carpe diem reminder pins! Over the summer, we made these for a client — but I can’t remember who it was! The watercolor design was just so striking that I couldn’t resist snapping a photo. I love the fluidity and blended teal and blue color of the artwork, and it fits so perfectly on the round button. What a wonderful thing to keep in mind every single day!