Buttonhead Interviewed By The Academy of Handmade – March 15, 2016


What is the biggest lesson I’ve learned in over 8 years of creating, establishing, and growing Buttonhead? Listening to YOU. Your feedback, your ideas, and your needs have shaped the way I manage my business. It was such an honor to share my story with The Academy of Handmade, which supports creative businesses with online resources, events, and community.

From this interview, I hope other small business owners can find some inspiration in my story — and that my clients realize how important they are to my life. Read more: The Buttonhead Interview with The Academy of Handmade!

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Custom Button Pins Assembled


Custom Button Pins: We’re putting the ‘button’ in Buttonhead every single day!

These are the metal pins that snap into the back of the 1 inch pinback buttons. Because they’re so small, they need to be manually assembled. Some button makers will send you an unfinished, un-assembled batch of pins to save on cost. Here at Buttonhead, we totally take care of that for you. It’s not a difficult task, but it is time-consuming and a little tricky until you get the hang of it.. We’ve had nearly a decade of practice!

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