Meet Jolian


So, you’ve met Little Buttonhead and you’ve met Buns. Now it’s time to meet another character in the LB universe: Jolian. When he’s not busy building robots in his parent’s garage, he can usually be found riding around town on Grimcart (his latest invention). Jolian’s dry personality and witty-sarcastic one-liners make the perfect counterpart to Little Buttonhead’s sunny enthusiasm. However, according to Buns, there may be a something more to Jolian’s making fun of Little Buttonhead. Perhaps a first crush?

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Happy New Years Eve Comic Cartoon



Happy New Year, everyone! Here are our two new comics to celebrate the new year. If you’d like to see these funnies as soon as they’re published, please be sure to hook up with us on Facebook and Twitter. We hope everyone had a fun (but not TOO fun) holiday. We’re wishing you lots of happiness and success in 2015.

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