Bigger and Better Design Your Own Save the Date Magnets!

Our Design Your Own Save the Date magnets just got bigger and better!


Starting this week, the size of the magnet has upgraded to 2.25 inch, and we’ve doubled the amount of border art to choose from. Most of the originals are still available, but now the artwork collection has some fun new themes to play with.


These magnets can serve as an insert for your wedding, baby shower, or party announcements.


With 24 borders, 12 fonts, and 28 colors to choose from, you can mix and match to get exactly the style that fits your event theme!


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Irish Wedding Favors Temporary Tattoos


NEW! Irish Wedding Favors Temporary Tattoos.

With St. Patrick’s Day on my mind, I decided to design a “Lucky In Love” four leaf clover temporary tattoo. I’m so particularly happy with how the coloring during out. I used a combination of mint, kelly, and forest shades of green within the clover. Instead of a bright yellowish gold, I chose muted antique gold coloring for the banner, which I think gives it a more rustic look. These make a gorgeous set of Irish wedding favors, but the design works for any green or “Lucky in Love” themed wedding.


They look even better in our “Dress It Up” packaging!


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Temporary Tattoo Wedding and Party Favors – Our Packaging Options Compared


Custom-Packaged Temporary Tattoo Favors

I’ve been making temporary tattoo wedding favors since 2008. Never have they looked so amazing! First, we create a personalized tan color card, which displays a non-mirrored version of your tattoo art, plus any custom text you’d like. Each card is precision-cut, scored, hand-folded in half, and securely stapled to the top of the tattoo bag. The finished favor is bona fide fabulous!

Basic vs. Dress It Up Custom Packaging

As always, each and every tattoo arrives to you individually packaged with a set of instructions. We call it ‘Basic Packaging’, which is included with every single order. For weddings, parties, and events, we offer the ‘Dress It Up’ option to add flair and a finishing touch to your tattoo favors. Here is a comparison of the two packaging options side-by-side:


Whether you’re in need of a simple, budget-friendly tattoo or a fabulously dressed up party favor, we can tat-up your event like no one else!

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