Bachelorette Party Photo Temporary Tattoos

Check out these hilariously awesome bachelorette party photo tattoos we recently made for Andrea. Her co-worker created the design that included a headshot of the groom-to-be with hearts around his face and a #HoesBeforeJoe hashtag. Yassss! What a fun (and funny!) surprise.

andrea-miller-bachelorette-party-tattoos-1 (2)

Andrea writes, “These were a huge hit–thanks again for making them!”. Super thanks to Andrea for sharing these pics. I’m thrilled to see everyone loving the tats! Looks like the party was a BLAST!

andrea-miller-bachelorette-party-tattoos-1 (1)

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S’more Love Wedding Pin Favors for Steve and Melissa

Big thanks to Steve and Melissa for sharing photos of their wedding pins! We made these buttons with a variety of the bride and groom’s own custom images. Such a nice way to add some personal ‘flair’ to the reception!

S'Mores Wedding Favor Pins

I am IN LOVE with these S’more Love favors adorned with a button on top! This is really such a clever idea. What wedding guest wouldn’t be happy to receive this little pack of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers? I wish I could reach through my screen and grab one right now! 🙂

S'More Love Wedding Favor Pins

Steve writes, “We had a wonderful day and the buttons worked exactly as I had hoped. Everyone was trading for the button that they preferred at the tables and it sparked fun conversations. Thanks again for making it fun and easy!”

S'Mores Wedding Reception Favors

Thank YOU, Steve and Melissa! Here’s wishing you both lots of love and happiness. You guys are awesome!!!

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Wedding Flair Button Pins for Samyra and Mike

Samyra & Mike  2015  WEDDING-501

Check out these amazing photos of Samyra and Mike’s wedding flair button pins! Guests were invited to grab a lanyard, pick their buttons from the tin cups, and pin on as much flair as they could fit! I’m super impressed with the idea to display all 11 designs within a picture frame to make sure each guest could collect them all. Who wouldn’t want to snatch each and every one of these?! Oh, and isn’t it cool how the sunflower design matches the floral arrangement? Absolutely perfect!

Samyra & Mike  2015  WEDDING-419

Samyra submitted her own fun mix of designs to Buttonhead, and we made them in a mix of 1” and 1.5” sizes. The artwork ranged from funny to sweet to personalized for individual members of the wedding party. I have a feeling this was a fun group of guests!

I particularly love the way the table setting cards turned out. It’s handwritten with a personal touch. By the way, Samyra said the escorts liked their personalized buttons too, which were also displayed on a card.

It looks like everyone had a blast wearing their wedding flair! Where can I get one of these purple and white chevron lanyards? I want to wear one EVERY DAY. Reminder to self: Future Buttonhead employee uniform idea!

Special thanks to Samyra and Mike for letting me share these photos — and to for taking such beautiful photos of the buttons!

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Cara’s Bachelorette and Wedding Tattoos In Action!

I’ve been making wedding temporary tattoos since 2007, yet I so rarely get a chance to see them in action. Check out these amazing photos from Cara’s bachelorette party and from the big day!

Special thanks to Cara for allowing me to share these pics. It completely supercharges me to see the wedding temporary tattoos AT the actual party. We have a lot of fun making them here at Buttonhead, and it’s so cool to know that rad folks like the Chutenbaum crew are having fun wearing them too!

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Personalized Retirement Party Favors

The sweet life of retirement! I recently made a set of personalized retirement party favors for Chris, and she was kind enough to share a few photos from her colleague’s big event. We made temporary tattoos, buttons, and photo stickers. Look at this beautiful table setting, complete with a candy favor bag for each guest:


I am so impressed by the creativity here! The centerpieces are my favorite part. The candy bouquet looks beautiful and delicious — and the photo stickers really made a nice touch:


We also made a set of wicked temporary tattoos which read “Appalled no more”. Very cool, especially with that studded bracelet!


What really surprised me was the use of the photo buttons! Chris pinned a special ribbon to the back as a way to identify the retiree’s family as special guests. I absolutely love this idea:


Special thanks to Chris for sharing the photos. I loved making these personalized retirement party favors. We should all be so lucky to have friends and colleagues like her!

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