Book Promo Pins Custom Made for Gaia

I absolutely love this cool set of book promo pins custom made for Gaia Cornwell in celebration of her new inspirational children’s picture book, “Jabari Jumps”.

Working up the courage to take a big, important leap is hard, but Jabari is almost absolutely ready to make a giant splash.

Not only did Gaia write her book, but she created the illustrations too! The watercolor style artwork is truly lovely and fits perfectly with the theme. This would make an outstanding summer gift for parents of children who need a little encouragement and guidance on how to ‘jump in’ to something that will become a positive experience for them.

Pre-Order Pin Bonus!

By pre-ordering the book before May 9th, (2017) you can receive one of these colorful ‘I Am Brave’ pins along with your order. After May 9th, you can still pick up a copy of “Jabari Jumps” at any major online retailer or at your favorite bookstore.

High fives to Gaia for ‘jumping in’ to the world of children’s books!

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Custom Fine Art Buttons Pins for Hannah

I have one of the best jobs ever! Over the years, making custom fine art buttons/pins has introduced me to so many cool artists around the globe. Last week, I made this set for a super talented artist out of Boulder/Oklahoma City, Hannah Cunningham. I love the dramatic black and white image of a mysterious female on a smoky background. This is such a cool piece of art, and I think it made an outstanding set of buttons!

Hannah has been posting her new artwork on Instagram, so be sure to follow @HannahCunningham to keep up with her latest creations!

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Hate Has No Home Here Buttons Pins

Thumbs up for this message of positivity and love! Sherry approached me with the idea of making a set of ‘Hate Has No Home Here’ buttons pins as a tribute to the popular political movement. The campaign, which promotes peace and inclusion, started (as many great things do!) as a grassroots idea that has grown significantly. Today it has spread into many cities nationwide, and I’m so happy to have contributed in a small way. Be on the lookout for these pins on Sherry’s website at!

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Carpe Diem Reminder Pins

I love these carpe diem reminder pins! Over the summer, we made these for a client — but I can’t remember who it was! The watercolor design was just so striking that I couldn’t resist snapping a photo. I love the fluidity and blended teal and blue color of the artwork, and it fits so perfectly on the round button. What a wonderful thing to keep in mind every single day!

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Don’t Agonize, Organize Political Buttons Pins

Joan contacted me in November with the idea for this brilliantly messaged political button: Don’t Agonize, ORGANIZE! Immediately, I was thrilled to work on the project, and we came up with a black, red, white, and blue design to bring this Florynce Kennedy quote to life. I think this is such a smart approach for encouraging political action. I would love to spot one of these pins on the street some day!

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Custom Political Theme Party Pins


We had some fun custom political theme party pins made this year! Around election time, I always get requests to do mock vote style projects with buttons and stickers, usually including a photo and the guest of honor’s name. I think it makes a witty theme for birthdays, reunions, sporting events and get-togethers.

Of all the designs we made this year, I really liked the simplicity of this red, white, and blue stars design that I worked with Ashley to create. In fact, I like it so much, I may just give Ben a write-in vote this year! 😉

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