Hate Has No Home Here Buttons Pins

Thumbs up for this message of positivity and love! Sherry approached me with the idea of making a set of ‘Hate Has No Home Here’ buttons pins as a tribute to the popular political movement. The campaign, which promotes peace and inclusion, started (as many great things do!) as a grassroots idea that has grown significantly. Today it has spread into many cities nationwide, and I’m so happy to have contributed in a small way. Be on the lookout for these pins on Sherry’s website at SherryTruitt.com!

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Carpe Diem Reminder Pins

I love these carpe diem reminder pins! Over the summer, we made these for a client — but I can’t remember who it was! The watercolor design was just so striking that I couldn’t resist snapping a photo. I love the fluidity and blended teal and blue color of the artwork, and it fits so perfectly on the round button. What a wonderful thing to keep in mind every single day!

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Don’t Agonize, Organize Political Buttons Pins

Joan contacted me in November with the idea for this brilliantly messaged political button: Don’t Agonize, ORGANIZE! Immediately, I was thrilled to work on the project, and we came up with a black, red, white, and blue design to bring this Florynce Kennedy quote to life. I think this is such a smart approach for encouraging political action. I would love to spot one of these pins on the street some day!

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Custom Political Theme Party Pins


We had some fun custom political theme party pins made this year! Around election time, I always get requests to do mock vote style projects with buttons and stickers, usually including a photo and the guest of honor’s name. I think it makes a witty theme for birthdays, reunions, sporting events and get-togethers.

Of all the designs we made this year, I really liked the simplicity of this red, white, and blue stars design that I worked with Ashley to create. In fact, I like it so much, I may just give Ben a write-in vote this year! 😉

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Pizza Party Favors – Magnets and Pins


I made this set of kids pizza party magnets quite a while ago as a custom order for one of my awesome clients, and I’m still in love with the idea! A pizza party is such a quick and easy party theme for kids or adults. I have a million ideas for turning a party space into a ‘pizzeria’!


A few weeks ago, I also made these ‘Mmm! Pizza!’ buttons for a different party. The idea was for everyone at the bash to look like they were wearing mini pizzas! I created the colors and textures to match a classic Italian style pizza place décor. I think they fit perfectly with the theme, and I can’t wait to see the pics. Plus, everyone at the party will have a button memento to remember the night. Win, win!

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Mad Science Halloween Party Favors – Brain Buttons Pins


We just finished making this brainy set of buttons for Mad Science Halloween party favors. The brain is a Buttonhead original design, made about 3 years ago for a tattoo set. We’ve made brain buttons and temporary tattoos too. I have to admit, the tats look particular cool.

Last year, we also made these ‘I Heart Science’ mad science birthday party favors. I think this design would make a perfect pair for Halloween too!

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