Personalized Baby Shower Mirrors Favors

Here’s a lovely set of personalized baby shower mirrors that were made special for Sukiana as party favors for the happy event. 300 of these were shipped from our studio in Illinois to Saudi Arabia. I was very impressed with how quickly (and safely!) the package arrived.

Sukiana left us a 5-star review to let me know she “Got them and they are super nice. It was a great experience dealing with Buttonhead shop. Thank you Ali.”

Thank YOU, Sukiana!

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Custom Logo Mirrors for Revive Minds

Check out this cool set of custom logo mirrors we made for In addition to having a creative and visually striking logo, this company makes awesome t-shirts with a message. Through a story of survival and perseverance, Revive Minds has found a way to successfully combine commerce and social consciousness. If you have a few spare moments, check out their shop, and be sure to read the ‘About Us’ and Blog links. It’s inspiring to see someone being the change!

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Loving My Selfie Personalized Logo Mirrors for Orthodontic Practice


Nicole was looking for personalized logo mirrors to give to teen patients at her orthodontic practice. So, we used part of her logo (the blue smile) and came up with the “Loving my selfie” design as a self-confidence booster. I really think the image turned out really cute, fresh, and positive. Plus, we added the office’s @reply name to the edge of the mirror for happy patients to share pictures of their gorgeous new smiles. 🙂

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