Wedding Favor Cookie Bag Stickers Custom

Sweet and simple! Carol was kind enough to send a photo of the wedding favor cookie bag stickers we made custom for Danielle and Brian’s big day! The family assembled these treats as a simple (and budget-friendly!) thank-you for their guests. In lieu of a traditional gift, donations were made to the Isadora J. Seibert Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Association and the American Stroke Association in honor of friends and family who had passed.

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Custom Etsy Shop Stickers for Love Lola Jewelry

*Hint Hint* Jewelry makes a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift! Love Lola Jewelry has a brilliant selection of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings made with a signature bohemian style. These gold feather dangle earrings are simple, romantic, and totally on my wish-list. What a great shop find on Etsy! Plus, my designer mind is just fawning over the watercolor heart logo. What else can I say? Aces all around!

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Thanksgiving In a Box


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I wanted to shine some light on a wonderful client of mine named Marissa Viti. Marissa has spearheaded an effort to provide Thanksgiving meals for 50 families in the Moon Township, PA area. Starting in 2013, she created a GoFundMe campaign to raise funding for ‘Thanksgiving in a Box’, which includes ingredients to create a love-filled holiday meal for families in need. Each year, she has been able to raise more money than the last, with this year’s goal of 50 boxes being met and exceeded!

I was very happy to be able to create the design and stickers labels that decorate the top of each box. Photos of the finished boxes, along with more details about Marissa’s story are available here on

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Etsy Shop Logo Stickers for Crystal Squirrel

Everything old becomes new again!

I recently had the pleasure of working with Gina from Crystal Squirrel to create this set of logo stickers to promote her adorably unique Etsy shop.


Gina has quite a knack for finding hidden thrift store gems and turning them into something new and fresh! Crystal Squirrel has a gorgeous selection of upcycled mittens, scarves, cowls, totes, tablet sleeves, and glasses cases… with much more to come in the future. Gina is always on the hunt for new treasures!


… and if you’re on the hunt for a cozy Christmas gift (or just a splurge for yourself!), check out Crystal Squirrel on Etsy. Each item is handmade and one-of-a-kind!

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Custom Bachelorette Party Stickers


Ok, so I’m a little bit late on posting this photo, but better late than never, right? 🙂

We made this set of bachelorette party stickers for Dawn last year. The pink champagne just POPS off the screen, doesn’t it? I was so proud of how bubbly and fresh the design turned out. These stickers were placed on front of the goodie bags each gal received at the party… and I’m guessing this was a FUN group!

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