School Appreciation Buttons Pins

How cool are these school appreciation buttons (pins) we made for Megan! I love the idea of everyone showing their school spirit and wearing these as flair for back to school, teacher appreciation, or just because they LOVE SCHOOL!

August 2017 Freebie Button

This pin ships FREE with every order all month long. It’s just our way of saying thank you for your support! Last week, I designed a cool set of neon splatter paint buttons for Rebecca. She’s throwing an 80’s themed 10th birthday party. How cool is that?! I loved this theme idea so much, I thought I’d create a heart-styled splatter paint pin for everyone to enjoy this month. Thanks for the inspiration, Rebecca! Now, let’s break dance!!!

Navy and Gold Save the Date Magnets

I loved these navy and gold save the date magnets we made for Rachael and Chris! The artwork is part of our Design Your Own Wedding Save the Date Magnets package, where customers can choose the colors, font, and even a decorative border for their custom design. I especially like how well the leafy vine border matches with the curly font. It’s always inspiring to see the combinations our customers create with these!

Wedding Favor Cookie Bag Stickers Custom

Sweet and simple! Carol was kind enough to send a photo of the wedding favor cookie bag stickers we made custom for Danielle and Brian’s big day! The family assembled these treats as a simple (and budget-friendly!) thank-you for their guests. In lieu of a traditional gift, donations were made to the Isadora J. Seibert Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Association and the American Stroke Association in honor of friends and family who had passed.

July 2017 Freebie Button

This pin ships FREE with every order all month long. It’s just our way of saying thank you for your support! For these sizzlin’ summer months, I thought it would be fun to do a hot purple throwback 90’s-style hashtag design. Of course, in the 90’s, it would have been known as a POUND KEY. Ah, everything old becomes new again!

LipSense by Senegence Mirrors for Jennie

Attention lipstick lovers! Have you tried LipSense by Senegence? We’re talking not-your-average lipstick here! It’s a truly unique product for boosting those lips with beautiful, long-lasting color. There are lots of lovely shades to choose from, and the 2-step application even allows you to create your own gloss finishes. If you’ve ever had weak color or dry, gloppy lips, you’ll know how cool this idea really is!

My friend, Jennie Zell, is a independent distributor, and we recently made these chic retro mirrors for her biz. If you’d like to learn more about LipSense and maybe even snatch a mirror, you can follow her on Instagram and join the Facebook group too!